Welcome to High Rise

High Rise Orhtocare is a privately owned prosthetic & orthotic company with current locations in Lagos and Ibadan. We take pride in designing each and every prosthetic device on site through skilled collaboration between our entire staff, prosthetists and technicians.

High Rise truly believes that a superior product can only be fabricated on site through direct and continuous interaction with the patient.

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What we offer

We offer personalized limb designs and advanced prosthetic technologies that empower amputees to live better lives

(Baby Foot Deformity)

We love kids thats why we designed this product for babies with foot deformity. We correct the foot deformity they have which is usually from birth

(Management of low back pain)

Our orthotists provide a wide range of custom orthoses and off the shelf orthotic solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners


We have the most experienced prosthetists in the country creating advanced prostheses for amputees of all ages


We work with patients, doctors, and therapists to rebuild our patients lives
and have led many Amputees down the path to recovery